In the seventh episode of the Hunt2Fish Outdoors Podcast, Ken has a discussion about Fishing on Lake St. Clair with Captain Wayne Carpenter.

Capt. Wayne has dedicated fifteen years of effort to bringing in fishing information and bait technology to anglers. The research done over that period resulted in the development of the Combat Fishing Weekly Newsletter, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair volumes 1 and 2 books, No Secrets On Lake St. Clair DVD, Marked Map Series 1 and 2, and multiple websites.  Wayne has also developed a full line of tournament quality baits by Xtreme Bass Tackle. He has been recognized as the foremost bass fishing expert on Lake St. Clair through his participation in Michigan’s major fishing shows, TV and radio appearances and nationally known product development.


Show Highlights

  • Seasons on Lake St. Clair
  • Equipment use
  • Canadian vs American waters


Products & Resources mentioned:

Xtreme Bass Tackle

St. Clair Report

We’d like to thank our sponsor, Village Glass Company of South Lyon, MI.  

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